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Sound Asleep™ Bluetooth Headband

Sound Asleep™ Bluetooth Headband


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Say goodbye 👋to restless nights with the Sound Asleep™ Bluetooth Headband 

 Experience deeper, more restful sleep by blocking out unwanted light and distractionsSoothe your mind with built-in Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to enjoy calming music, nature sounds, or your favorite audiobooks.

Experience Ultimate Comfort For Restful Sleep 😴

The soft and breathable fabric of the Sound Asleep™ headband ensures that it's gentle on your skin, preventing discomfort during sleep. Say goodbye to scratchy, uncomfortable sleep masks, and embrace a night of restful slumber in a cozy, soothing headband.

Get Rid of Those Bulky Headphones!🎧

The built-in Bluetooth speakers allow you to enjoy your favorite sounds or music without the discomfort of traditional earbuds or headphones. Experience a new level of relaxation with crystal-clear sound, making your sleep or meditation sessions even more enjoyable.

Wireless and Tangle Free 🪢

With Bluetooth connectivity, there are no cords to worry about. Simply connect the eye mask to your compatible device and enjoy wireless freedom. Say goodbye to tangled cables and enjoy hassle-free relaxation.

Perfect Solution for Everyone and Everything🧘‍♀️⛹️‍♀️

Our Sound Asleep™ Bluetooth Headband offers more than just better sleep; it enhances your lifestyle by serving as a workout companion with immersive music and as a private movie-watching accessory for a more enjoyable and peaceful entertainment experience. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to your daily routine.

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